Vermin Control

Countryside and environmental management often has to include population control of species that pose a threat to crops, livestock, poultry, trees and property.

We provide services to control problem species and provide shooting opportunities to clients. All equipment including firearms and ammunition can be supplied, or clients may bring their own (subject to licensing conditions).

Fox Control

The Red Fox has very few natural predators in Britain. Golden eagles and Sea Eagles are known to hunt cubs, but have a negligible effect on overall fox numbers. Foxes have adapted to modern farming practices and often come into conflict with farmers, gamekeepers and other land users, resulting in the need to control numbers

We cover a wide range of landscapes, using equipment and techniques suited to the area and time of year. Shooting can be on foot, from high seats, specially adapted vehicles or a combination of all methods.

Rabbit Control

Rabbits are serious pests of crops costing British agriculture millions of pounds in lost yields every year.
We employ various methods to reduce rabbit numbers such as day shooting using air rifles, shotguns and rifles, Ferreting and night shooting

Grey Squirrel Control

The Grey squirrel is a non native species, introduced to Britain as an ornamental addition to parks around Stately Homes. It is bigger than the native Red Squirrel and carries Squirrel Pox, a disease which is lethal to Red Squirrels. Since the introduction Grey Squirrels have impacted severely on Red Squirrels, threatening their existence as a wild animal.

They are a major pest of commercial Forestry and Woodlands, stripping bark, eating growing tips, killing and stunting the growth of the crop.




Despie looking cute and cuddly, grey squirrels are active predators and eat the eggs and chicks of birds during the spring and summer and adult birds in the winter, having a major impact on numbers of native species.

Corvid Control

(as listed on UK General License)

Corvids of all types are major pests, destroying a wide variety of crops, farm produce and wildlife. They are probably the most intelligent of all species of bird and can present a challenge to any hunter whether using air rifles, shotguns or rifles.

Carrion Crow

Very intelligent birds, eating anything they can kill including other birds, rabbits and new born lambs.


A communal bird that lives in large flocks and is a major pest of newly drilled or sprouting crops,. Rooks pull seeds out of the soil by holding onto the leading shoot and pulling them out  as it germinates. They will also and feed off mature cereals, especially where cereals are wind blown. Control entails shooting using decoys or population control at nesting sites (Rookeries)

Eurasian Jay

The most colourful of all British corvids. A major predator of the eggs and chicks of other birds.


Magpies are renowned for raiding the nests of other birds, stealing eggs and killing chicks. Typically intelligent corvid, but can become a victim of it's territorial nature during the breeding season. Often seen in large flocks through the winter months.