Shooting Experiences Forest Of Dean

At British Shooting Services we work hard to make sure everybody has a great experience. To do this, we ensure every part of the service is great, always think about safety, and make good use of our extensive knowledge. We can arrange everything and cater for all kinds of special requests. So, if you want shooting experiences in the Forest of Dean, we are the people to work with.

Visiting the Forest of Dean

With over 42 square miles of ancient mixed woodland, there are few better spots for shooting in the UK. In fact, the area was formerly a royal hunting reserve. The forest has a population of wild boar, deer, and is home to many species of bird. The wild boar in particular needs careful management.

What do we offer?

One of the best things about our experiences is we can arrange so many different ones. For example, we can provide sporting opportunities for rifles, shotguns, and air rifles. Guests can opt for deer stalking, game shooting, wild boar, and more. There is a choice of walked up or driven shoots.

If you choose an experience, we can provide everything for you. This can include the firearms, ammunition, and more. We can even book accommodation for groups.

We are happy to plan shooting experiences in the Forest of Dean for UK and international visitors. As part of this, we can even help with getting permits if you want to use your own firearms. We can even arrange group applications.

As well as shooting itself, we provide training and assessments. That means anyone who is new to hunting or sport shooting can train and earn the skills and qualifications they need. There are plenty of options and we can also provide bespoke sessions if necessary.

Want to arrange shooting experiences in the Forest of Dean?

British Shooting Services is a team that promotes excellence, whether it is with sport shooting, hunting, or careful wildlife management. We always offer a quality service from start to finish. That is why we have so many happy guests who come to us time and again to enjoy another experience.

If you want to find out more, there is a lot of information on our website. Or, you can contact us and speak to a member of our team. We can explain all the different options and help you choose the perfect experience.